Sunday, April 1, 2007

Q) What is

A) DIDX (DIDXChange) is the wholesale solution for buying and selling DID numbers.

Q) How DIDx can help CLEC's to maximize their revenue?

A) DIDx ask Clec's to use their API service and upload all their numbers on DIDx (meaning = park all your numbers on DIDx). Now why should a CLec post all his numbers on DIDx, he have thousands other service provider's where they can list the numbers; the answer is Once you will upload numbers on DIDx, you will be able to sell them on 4000+ Web Sites. DIDx only ask you to integrate your numbers with DIDx through API; (means = once the number is sold on your website), It will be automatically removed from DIDx. Through this you will be able to sell more.

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