Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Indian DID Numbers

DIDx now offering Indian DID numbers on the exchange.

User can purchase those numbers and can terminate them on their sip or IAX.

Customers can now purchase Mumbai and Hyderabad numbers from DIDx



Anonymous said...

This is no true The law in India no allow sell DID numbers in India.
Please correct this information and no make false publicity for make sell in DIDX.

Anonymous said...

In didx there 43 country of Asia no more 7

An the country more near INDIA is PAKISTAN There DIDX have DID NUMBERS but the true DIDX no have DID NUMBERS FROM INDIA PLease correct any commentary for make false costumer and false sell. And DIDX is OK for small costumer but no for business costumer. There aren't 0800 number for calling card or business and the rates after free time is really very expensive. I am not happy with DIDX y think is only publicity

Muneeb Iqbal ;) said...

Dear Lupito,

DIDx do have Indian numbers.

Let me know, if you are interested and I will order some for you (If they are out of stock).

Let me know the problems you are facing with DIDx and I will try to solve them sir.

my msn is


Muneeb Iqbal ;) said...

Such license are available and very few companies have them.



Anonymous said...

Really we speak in the messenger and I no believe is true and here is the information about this. Please if you have any legal document from the government of India for the possibility of bay DID number from INDIA PLEASE POST

As of at this moment having a DID in India is not legal in Indian laws even for a consumer. However for an individual there is no restriction to use a VOIP service as long as it does not interfere with the local P&T system. That means one can use an overseas DID like US or UK or even AUS and sit in India.

Here is an email extract from one of the forums:

From: Rajeev Natarajan ­ ------------
One-line history: Termination of VoIP into PSTN, afaik, has been long since illegal in India. There's a toll free number that you are requested to call (to complain) if your caller id shows a local number when you receive an international call.

Only as of recent times (since this year) has the country seen changes brought into the policies (Ref - Unified Access License Page). The laws specifically talk about only certain sets of players being able to do the termination legally.

www.ispai*in/response.htm has an interesting note. (ILD - International Long Distance; NLD - National Long Distance)

in.rediff*com/money/2006/jan/24phone.htm also talks about why there's not much of an incentive for the big telecom providers (who are the only ones who can do termination) to switch to VoIP for domestic - like Vonage. (IMHO, they might still offer the termination to target the Non-resident Indian Community and the growing number of businesses overseas who would like such a feature. Then again, the companies would rather have a US virtual number in India than have an Indian virtual number in the US.

Long story short: If someone offers an Indian DID, please be careful!

What is allowed: As an individual, you can do PC-PC; PC-overseas PSTN; SIP-SIP (with no origination or termination with the Indian PSTN)

Voice over IP over a managed network is allowed - essentially a leased line and so on. So may companies get you to lease an IPLC from say Bangalore to Singapore and terminate in Singapore.

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Muneeb Iqbal ;) said...

Thank you for the information provided.

I have forwarded that to the Indian DID Provider.

In addition to this DIDx is an exchange where buyers and sellers meet to trade in numbers.

We grade our vendors according to their reliability.

We appreciate your concerns and will be happy to help you with your DID needs.



Anonymous said...

I no have any problem but if any parson sell did from india in this time this parson have legal consequence and if other resell any ilegal product for any country where is no legal this parson also outside the India have legal respomsability and is no problem is in Us or in Europe.
About international law look in

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Dmitrij said...
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Dmitrij said...

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Muneeb Iqbal said...

Contact me bhai my email justmuneeb at gmail dot com