Sunday, July 8, 2007

KESC Karachi Electric Supply Corporation

People of Pakistan have seen a new Telecom World in Pakistan, The same people who used to wait for 20 years for a phone connection, now have 3 GSM Chips in there pockets.

PTCL which used to charge 120 rs a min to call the US now offers the same for 1 rupee a min.

Pakistan now has the CHEAPST Cell phone service, in compare to ANYWHERE in the world, and yet the phone companies still make A LOT of money.

Today I saw a program on AAj TV About the Electricity problems of Karachi, and I do not know why no one has suggested to request the Govt to step in and form a new Body to GOVERN The electricity and allocate private companies to come in and become the power providers just like they did for phone service.

The Chairman of WAPDA according to this program says that there will be no power for the cities like Karachi for the next 7 years.

I have 2 small suggestions:

1. What My Suggestion is that Pakistan Govt can issue the licenses for 10 nation wide and 100+ local companies to privately provide power to the consumer.

This can be done in multiple phases, and a Urgent license can be issued instantly, and then a good policy can be made about the power policy and announced next year.

2. The Govt should also remove any and all taxes and duties on import of alternate energy tools for consumers, like a 5kva wind generator from China now costs only 4000$ (I have already ordered mine) which will not create pollution and nor will cost the consumer any money in future , and will only be used by the consumer to have power, thus generating more productivity for himself and others around him.

5 out of 5 licenses should be awarded to international companies and 5 to local companies, so that we can benefit from both national and international experiences.

I think that since this problem is in majority in Karachi, MQM should take this seriously and have this done really quickly by the President or the national assembly.

How will this actually work:

In the telecom world a very simple example is of DSL service, PTCL gets money on every connection that runs via the wire of PTCL by say multinet and multinet can still compete based on the quality of service with PTCL and give better service to consumers on the same wire.

The same Copper wire of KESC can be used by the private company and they can pay a fee to KESC for using there wire, unless they can provide there own wire to the consumer.

The Private Power concept is not something new, and is done at this time in United Kingdom and in the United States.

I request you to forward these 2 small suggestions to those who actually matter, and who can get this done for us.


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