Friday, December 28, 2007

Darkest day in Pakistan

Things are getting worst since Benazir Bhutto is dead.

Violence in all the cities of Pakistan is getting worst.

In Karachi angry crowd has burned the hospital, now over here I cannot understand WHAT will happen after burning the Hospital or any Restaurant Franchise or any Car or any Bank?

Following Reports received from the city and adjoining areas:
30 trucks of Pepsi looted / burnt
Shops at Schon circle - Dewan Motors, KASB Bank, etc burnt
Al-Abbas Industries Dhabeji looted and their Carbide Plant burnt
OK Oil Mills in Dhabeji totally burnt
Oil Tanker blown up in Dhabeji causing much damage
Stone Throwing reported in relatively quiet area of Dhoraji also!
Lyari is unmentionable
Godown of Muhammad Farooq Textile burnt
BBQ Tonite also attacked and some part burnt

Now People SHOULD understand that nothing will happen after all this we the people have to live in PAKISTAN and these Politicians will just an away after making money.


AlQaeda or Taliban; Bush or Nawaz Sharif; Musharraf or any one else is not the culprit.

INfact the culprit are WE We our self.... We have to understand this these strikes, violence will just screw with our economy and will help Investors ran away.

Who will INVEST in Pakistan? why any Businessman will come in a Nation where there is 10 day OFFICIAL holiday?

Where people cannot travel with in the city... where people cannot go to the shop because shop is closed due to the violence in the city.

People of Pakistan should come to live and whats gone is gone.. help Pakistan to be better not to go out and screw the shops, hospitals e.t.c

Again this is a Request to maintain PEACE.

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