Sunday, May 4, 2008

Warid On Wheels

Uganda's newest mobile operator, Warid Telecom has launched a mobile customer care service - in a van. The vans termed as 'Warid On Wheels' branded as WOW are customized with in-built counters, have computer terminals in them and they accommodate 2-3 service personnel in addition to a driver and a support person. The idea is to bring superb service to those customers who may not be mobile enough to come to Warid, so Warid comes to them.

This way they are giving their customers a chance to say WOW... and only such organizations who gave their customers a chance to say WOW and Surprise them will be able to be at the top because best product is with every one, way of delivering know by every one, now it's the way you delight your customers and that will force customers to stay loyal with you and be with you always.


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