Monday, May 25, 2009

Pakistanis Posted More Google Map Data than Any Other Country Counterparts

Silicon Valley (California), May 23 (ANI): Pakistan netizens are posting more localized information and data to the Google’s ‘map maker’ than the web users of any of the 160 countries which are using the leading internet search engine’s experiment.

Lalit Katragadda, the founder of Map Maker software informed that a particular Pakistani based in London has posted most frequent edits to the Google’s Map Maker, a user-operated software.
Katragadda, who is based in Bangalore, told The Nation via teleconference that the software updates information instantly after a user sitting anywhere in the world within 160 countries posts an edit to the live Map Maker.

When questions were put forth regarding the authenticity of the data provided by any of the net users, Katragadda said, it can always be verified by the software.

“We can always verify from authentic as well as independent sources within an hour’s time,” he added.
Any such experiment, related to a country’s geographical territory can always be a sensitive issue, and could have some implications, but the Google’s Map Maker had not come across any political issues till now.

“We have not faced any political issues so far,” Katragadda said. (ANI)

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