Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zong new offer 2 Numbers one Sim [Comparative Analysis :)]

I was going through different forums today and found out Zong has launched a new service with the

name of Chine-Ease .. my anxietiness forced me to go on their web site and read more about the

service .. to my surprise the title of the page says

UNTITLED now such a big company not taking care of this mere stuff.

Not complaining just want you all to send them complain / suggestion to fix this, like I did.

Coming back to the offer they are making Chinese number on your Pakistani number where you can

easily recieve calls on your Pakistani number when some one will dial a China number or vice versa.

The pricing goes like:

Incoming calls to any other the two number will cost you 10 rs per minute
Outgoing calls within China 10
Call to Pakistan 25

Now, why would I go for such offer where I can buy a Chinese number for $5 a month and 7 cents a

minute for calls on my cell phone number in Pakistan from

Rs 420 per month and around PKR 7 per minute to recieve call on your Pakistani number, not to mention  the sms rates and all other rates will be normal or you can get a Pakistani number for $1 per month on your Chinese number where Rs 84 / month and $0.029 (Rs 3) per minute.

So why would I bother going for China Ease package :)

Thank you you made my day!

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