Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shoe attack on Zardari - Serves him right!

Finally after so much curses and talk talk talk.. One man was able to protest practically in Birmingham on our great Zardari. Zardari is the president of Pakistan, a president who cannot cancel his trip in the times of crisis in the country. Pakistan is currently facing worst floods and need every thing they can to get out of this crisis. Not to mention history of Pakistan doesn't show flood in Pakistan with such density in the past.

I still remember there was an earthquake or flood in china and their president was on the spot with in 2 hours helping people and making sure an action is being taken to fix the situation and what did our AKA did? went on an official trip of Europe in times of EMERGENCY in the country.

Well history repeats it self, yesterday Mr Bush was loved by his people and loved by whole world so much that a guy in Iraq throwed shoe on him, similarly now a days no one can deny with Zardari's popularity who recently demanded 10% from Bill Gates for opening a software house near Gawadar, so much for being a president :)

Well coming back to our topic, finally a Pakistani elder had guts to throw shoes on President Zardari during his speech in Birmingham. This guy showed the true voice of every one in Pakistan!

Here you go with the interview of that guy taken by Geo:

You know what, Life isn't all the beautiful but we all have to take a stand. Current president is no good for the country and I guess now we all know that because of the halaat in our country. Taxes on every thing :)
May Allah shower his blessings on Pakistan and help us get rid of corruption. Pakistan Zindabad!


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