Sunday, December 25, 2011

N9 Launch introduction to Bloggers!

I wanted to write this post since 2 weeks now but hell I am a super lazy person :)

The other day I was invited as a blogger to come and witness the N9 launch in Sheraton Karachi by Mr. Henri Mattila, Solution Marketing Manager, Nokia MEA.

N9 the pricing set for N9 is  PKR. 52,000/- with 16GB and is now available in White color. The good part about colors is that now you don't have to worry that much about scratches because even after the scratch the color will remain same as there is no paint job this time

Some of the key features for N9:

MeeGo OS v1.2 Harmattan - Linux based
Gorila Glass  Anti-glare polarizer they say this glass is used in fighter copters
Weight only 135 gm
BuiltIN NFC now this was really cool, touch other device which is NFC enabled and there you go its paired and Henri said its also cross platform enable meaning doesn't matter if other device is not Nokia the nfc technology will still work

Over all, its a good phone and I think one should buy. Pictures below:


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