Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nokia Pakistan Becomes the Top Brand on Facebook with 1 million fans

What is fan page and why creating a facebook fan page for your business?

In today's world facebook page works as a primary level communication with your customer. In the past web page was enough but today two way communication matters most. In addition to 2 way communication facebook page empower your customers to share the new models with their friends and family via their facebook account, so you getting publicity of your product for almost nothing. Expert says and I quote "The biggest advantage of facebook fan page is that it deepens customer relationship".

Nokia Facebook FanPage now have a Million Fans in less 10 months. What does it means? It means, It is now engaging Million Pakistani fans via their facebook and making sure that they getting all the latest information, deals and any other happening with Nokia Pakistan. Interestingly one of my friend says that he updated a feed back via Nokia Pakistan page and he got response immediately. (isn't that we all are looking for?) Currently Pakistan have around 7.5 million facebook users and Nokia is now able to cover 1 Million of them which is a big achievement.

Current trend and statistic in Pakistan:

Haseeb Ihtisham, Head of Marketing - Nokia MENA says:

“We are thoroughly pleased with the growing excitement around Nokia Pakistan on Facebook. For us,
achieving 1 million fans of our Facebook page is a proof that Nokia continues to deliver an exceptional
communications experience to consumers. It also reflects the fact that Nokia has been able to
successfully connect with Nokia fans across Pakistan on a personal level,”

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