Saturday, February 23, 2013

OlAround a Pakistani FourSquare APP

A new app locally made in Pakistan powering up different restaurants, cafe's, shops, brands and encouraging them to offer discount to every one who scan's the QR Code placed in their shop. So far they have powered 170+ restaurants, cafe's and brands in Karachi, Lahore and Isloo.

This app is developed by Bramerz in association with Google, Pasha and Ufone.

Its one hell of an app, I recently punched like 5 times already on Dominos and the plus point is that every time I punched it, I got 4 cinnamon sticks for free :)

How does it works?

Go to Google Play Store on your cell Phone

 Search for OlAround App and download it

Once its downloaded let's open it!

Once open, it will ask you to login into your account of OlAround via Facebook Connect, just click on the button and volla!

Go to the nearest OlAround powered outlet, click on the upper right corner of the app to see the below screen and ask the outlet for the QR Code

Bravo! Enjoy your self free Dominos Cinnamon Sticks, Free Coffee, 10% Discount on the first punch!

Currently they power brands like Dominos, Gloria Jeans, Kahva, McDonalds and many more... complete list OlAround Powered Brands!!!

So, what are you waiting for?


omair khan said...
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Kanza Usman said...

Muneeb is this technology NFC (Near Field Communication)based? or is it something else al - toghether?

Muneeb Iqbal said...

It's basically QR Code scanning and gps technology is helping here. The function of location based input like foursquare with addition to qr code scanning.