Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to keep your self motivated?

I have been working since 8.5 years in my professional life and there were times again and again when I wanted to just finish with my dreams .. forget about it and go wander streets..

How ever; I manage to ponder some points for every one out there which can help you keep your self motivated, no matter what the circumstances are!

So Here you go:

1) Get rid of distractions

Block your Facebook account or better temporary close it if that helps.

If you want people in your surroundings to be quite while you work and they are noisy make sure to tell them as most of us don't communicate and just keep hating the other person. Better; ask your manager to allow you to change the place (if you are the lucky one)

There can be many other distractions but all you need to do is to some how true to your JOB!

2) Achievable Goals

Make sure to make achievable goals

Don't think you can achieve all in one day, you cannot work can never be finish; make sure your goals are achievable with in stipulated time

3) Always remain positive

No matter what happens, no matter your manager gave you shit, be proud of your self and always try to be the best with your work. If its healthy criticism just take it and be better. If you think they are wrong then don't react as the time will come when you will proof them wrong!

4) Award yourself

Be Proud, be happy, when ever you achieve your goal, make your self like damm man you are good .. reward your self!

In the end, will say only one thing:


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