Sunday, May 6, 2007

LinkSys Pap2 and

You can use any DID number from with your Linksys Pap2


* Get a sip address for your pap2 from websites such as,

* Once you have an account from them, configure their account with your

LinkSys pap2.

Pick up phone on PAP2 dial **** to login. Dial 110# for the IP address.

Once you have the ip address, type it on your browser and open. It will

going to ask you the admin level user name and password.

Once you are done with the password thing, go to line / user 1 and your

Display name in Display name section

Write your user name in user name section

Authorization id

Proxy =


Now Pap2 should be configure with the gizmo account.

You can check if it is configure or not by picking up the handset of the

phone to see if you can hear the tone or not.

Now login in your account.

Click on My numbers and then click on change ring to number button.

Click on Sip tab and write your sip address as provided by sip phone (e.g)

justmuneeb(User id) or (

and the number will be forwarded to your Linksys.


Muneeb Iqbal

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